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Happy weight loss patient female celebrating
Happy weight loss patient female celebrating

Now you can be an influencer and refer friends to our Semaglutide program and receive incentives it's a win-win!

Make Money & Lose Weight without leaving the couch

Support your Friends & Family and get paid to do it!

Our affiliate program is as simple as it gets. If you have loved our semaglutide or tirzepatide plans and service share it with friends and family.


Or if you are an influencer you can post on your social media pages and quickly rack up the referrals and commission bonus'.

More Healthy People

Experiencing now places

Enjoying their  new lifestyle

Lookin forward to new adventures

Snapshot of bank account with large balance

Affiliate Sign Up

  • There are two ways that you can become apart of our affiliate/influencer program:

    1. General interest in the weight loss industry and the services we provide

  • The affiliate/influencer program provides an opportunity for individuals to share their experience or promote the HVWL services and brand. The amount they share and individuals they get to sign up will lead to commissions earned.  When you sign up to become an influencer, we’ll send you an onboarding email and provide you with a unique affiliate code. You’ll receive commission when others use this code to sign up for a weight-loss program through HVWL.

  • Affiliate Payouts are commission-based. Which means you will receive payment when someone signs up through your referral code. Our standard commission rate is 25% of the individual’s subscription, within 30 days of us receiving payment you will receive your payment in the affiliate portal.

Happy weight loss patient female looking in the mirror
Happy weight loss patient female looking in the mirror
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